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do not sign up to this website!back in my student days it used to have random funny stuff on it, and no membership was necessary.

re-living my youth i thought i would have a look but it now has a wide selection of hardcore videos and no jack *** style clip in sight! not quite what i was expecting and i canceled my membership straight away.on signing up i had given my details over 'just to confirm i was over 18' and 'no charges will be made' but have now had to cancel my card after several charges were taken out of my account. they were for several different .com companies and ranged from 30pence to 40pounds. more fool me i guess but i will struggle getting the money back and after the inconvenience of canceling one card to be quite frank i am just glad its over!


Review about: Website.



wtf dude, so i can never see those *** radicolous off the old, yellow and black steak and cheese with bad scary evil things anymore? fuuuck


I was just on there and was wanting the funny clips and just found ***. Very disappointed!!




Thanks for the tip. Like ya'll i was going to go on for old times sake cos it used to be a good laugh. Thanks x


Hi i first wanna let you know ur almost out of milk :) and TY for letting people know bak in the good days (what 2-4 years ago vary) it was up...Ill always remeber the things i saw on there (nightmares still) Shame they are a rip off...It was a nice freakshow while it lasted.. is really cool when ur bored and they havnt changed..tons of games n funny *** (im not an advertisement) lol ty for letting people know mite be saving a few heart acats thank u for being nice..common curtisy died with the afro


haha you all suck and got ripped creepy *** watching bastards

obviously if it says tripple x pics that means ***...DUHHHH


Same here i entered to verify age and immediatly checked my bank and $99 USD was missing. i canceled the websiote account and contacted the ezpay site and told them to refund my money immediatley as nothing said there would be a charge. I have also reported my card stolen to stop any charges.


wow i just signed up to steak and cheese so i could have a look at some pics and no sooner as i had clicked submit my bank fraud squad phoned me saying that someone was trying to take money from my card and they had blocked it one payment of 33.13 and then a payment of 6.61

does anyone know if these transactions will eventually stop or do i have to cancel my account and move everything into a new account PLZ HELP!!!!


I used to go there for the pics/vids of exploded heads from people jumping out of windows and the like. Sure he had *** adds, but if you want those you can goto a real *** site. Too bad it sucks now.


Oh they edited out the word A S S. Oh no my virgin eyes we must edit it!

‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^› To this censorship S H I T.


Yeah seems Mike sold out.Guess he ran out of money and his wife stopped supporting his free loading gold digging ***.

Hey Mike, this is for you!‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›


I hear ya pal,......used to watch cool vids on steak and cheese in uni fa few years back......went back for old times sake...

Glad i saw ur post!

Banavar, Karnataka, India #21747

the whole point of my complaint is that i did not 'jack off' to this website and had no intention of doing so.if i was, i would have no right to complain, and to be quite frank would deserve to be ripped off for not having the ability to satisfy my needs with my beautiful girlfriend.

if i knew that a previously ok website was now a scam i obviously would not have entered my details.but thank you for your helpful comments anyway..!

Barnaul, Altaisky Krai, Russian Federation #21571

what are you doing jacking off to a website? How old are you anyway? Don't you know these websites rip people off?

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